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Vikram Mehta CEO - Shell
Desh Bandhu Gupta Founder - Lupin
Anand Mahindra MD - Mahindra and Mahindra
Uday Kotak MD - Kotak mahindra Bank
Tanti Tatia CMD - Suzlon Energy
Anil Khandelwal Chairman - Bank of Baroda
Ait Balakrishnan CEO - Rediff.com
Dr Tempest CEO - Ranbaxy
Ratan Tata, Chairman Tata Group
Dr Rashmi bhabaiya, Presedent R & D - Ranbaxy
Shorab Italia - V Moksha
Stawan Kadepurkar - Infosys
Dr Pratap C Reddy, Chairman - Apollo Hospitals
Dr Suniya Reddy,Director - Apollo Hospitals
Arun Nanda, E Director - Mahindra
Anil Agarwal, Chairman - sterlite industries
Ekta kapoor, CEO - Balaji telefilm Industries
Shweta Tiwari Actress
Aamna Sharif Actress
Saakshi Tanwar Actress
Smriti Z Iraani Actress/ Politician
Moby Musician
Les Claypool( Primus) Musician
Biff Naked Musician
Kirk Hamette(Metallica) Musician
Tommy Lee Musician
Kid Rock Musician
Gabrial(guitarist with David Bowie Gr) Musician
Filter Band
Dope Band
Kiss Band
Cash Money Band
Guano Apes Band
Powerman 5000 Band
P O D Band
Collenn Fitzpatric( Vitamin C ) Band
Fu Man Band
7 Dust Band
Bree Turner Actress
Tammy Tavares Actress
Polly Polette Actress
Isha Kopikar Actress
Tamala Jones Actress
Mila Kunis (the 70s show) Actress
Ming Tran( martial atrs) Actress
Ria sen Actor
Sameer Kocher Actress
Esha Deol Actress
Danny materson (the 70s show) Actor
Vin Diesel(XXX, Saving Private Ryan) Actor
Zack Wald ( Titus) Actor
Sammo Hung ( martial arts) Actor
Wilmer Walderamma (the 70s show) Actor
Rosco, P Coletran( duke of hazard) Actor
Vikaas Kalantri Actor
Samir Kocher Actor
Puru Raj Kumar Actor
Aftab Sivdesanni Actor
Bobby Deol Actor
Rahul dev Actor
Sunny Deol Actor
Keith( B4U) v J
Sudhi( B4U) v J
Sanjit( B4U) v J
Diya( B4U) v J
Ishita( B4U) v J
Tanya( B4U) v J
Lara Croft Tomb Raider
Terry Lewis Entertainer
John Webber(cast of X Show) Entertainer
Craig Jackson(cast of X Show) Entertainer
Justin Scott walker(cast of X Show) Entertainer
John Webber(cast of X Show) Entertainer
Steve Farley Basketball Player
Barry Bond Baseball Player
Shane Mosely Boxer
Suger Ray Boxer
Stefan Motor Cross- x Sports
Tony Hawk Skateboard - x Sports
Andy Macdonald Skateboard - x Sports
dave Murra BMX Bicycle - x Sports
T J Lavin BMX Bicycle - x Sports
Matt Hoffman BMX Bicycle - x Sports
Kiki Wolfkill Car Racer
Steve - GOD( Texas)
Mike Wilson( ceo) - GOD( Texas)
Capt. Dy - Medal Of Honour
Kane - Medal Of Honour
Larry Hallman - Star Wars Team
John Carmac( CEO) - ID Texas
Yves Legris( CEO ) - Info Grames,
Arra Yerganin ( VP Marketing) - Info Grames,
Don Thomas - V M Labs
Mitch Kemp ( VP) - Agtech
Holly Newman - Crave
Paul Sacman - Crave
Ron Harbin - 3rd Law Psycho Circus
Matt Hoopes - 3rd Law Psycho Circus
John Romero (CEO) - Ion Storm
Warren Spector - Ion Storm
Tom Hall - Ion Storm
Yu Suzuki - Sega (Japan)
Mineko Okamura - Sega (Japan)
Ahim Becker - Data Becker
Howard Frank - Data Becker
Dan De - Babbage, texas
Roxanne Koepsell - Babbage, texas
Bruse Nelson - Babbage, texas
Ron Doernic - Activision, LA
Mitch Lasky - Activision, LA
Herve Caen Titus
Fredric Ovalid Titus
kaz Hirai ( CEO ) - Sony Entertainment
Anderw House ( Vp markenting) - Sony Entertainment
Jack Tretton( Vp sales) - Sony Entertainment
Edge WWF
Dilo Brown WWF
Stevie case (Playboy) Model/ game developer
Audrey Q (sports Illustrated) Model


Marine Drive Mumbai
High-rise building Mumbai
cofee shop Mumbai
Traffic Mumbai
Victoria Terminal Mumbai
Flower market Mumbai
Marine drive Top View Mumbai
Cricket Mumbai
Billboard Mumbai
T V Tower Mumbai
Relious ceremony, (Hindu) Mumbai
Haji Ali Mumbai
Sunset Mumbai
Gateway of India Mumbai
Neon Signs Mumbai
Romantic Couple Mumbai
Muslim Couple Mumbai
Gateway of India Mumbai
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